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Cognitive behavioral therapy for brain injury

Session 2: Introducing the mind-body connection

What is CBT, and how can this help us recover from brain injury?

00:00 / 06:59

Session 3: Relaxation therapy to improve symptoms

Deeper understanding of how relaxation can improve TBI symptoms

00:00 / 24:07

Session 4: Concussion and head/neck pain

Approaches to combat headaches and neck pain common with traumatic brain injury

Session 5: Automatic thoughts, improving attention

Learning how to notice unhelpful thoughts and identify attentional difficulties

Session 6: Concussion and sleep, continue attention therapy

Approaches to treat sleep disorders and TBI-related concussional disorders

Session 7: Mindfulness, Concussion and Executive Functioning

Learning mindfulness techniques

00:00 / 16:36

Session 9: Deeper beliefs, concussion and fatigue

How can our deepest beliefs influence our final recovery?

Session 10: Emotional work, memory and TBI

Deeper exploration of emotions and memory therapy

Session 12: Putting it all together

Moving forward 

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