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Coping With Epilepsy

Epilepsy is an elusive mental condition that affects around 3.4 million people in the US today, including adults and children. It is no doubt an extremely difficult diagnosis that requires patients to sacrifice tremendous aspects of their lives due to the physical and mental dangers it poses. Without a doubt, epilepsy often plays a huge role in inducing depression or a reduced quality of life for many out there.

However, some studies are trying to combat the degree to which epilepsy can affect the overall health of the patient. With a self-management intervention method known as SMART, health providers are encouraging patients to take control of their lifestyle and not let the detrimental effects of epilepsy impact the other aspects of their health. In a six month long period, patients were challenged to adjust modifiable factors around them such as stress, substance abuse, routine, nutrition, and social support. After the six month period, the patients in the experimental group had a mean of 10.16 fewer negative health events! And 92.3% of the participants noted that the SMART method was worth the hassle of going through.

Epilepsy is a difficult condition. But I hope this study continues to encourage others out there to take initiative of their own health!


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