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How Meditation Affects Your Brain

There are two common meditation-based stress reduction courses: one of them is based on the relaxation response, which is characterized by a state of deep rest. Mindfulness medication, like the name suggests, focuses on being mindful or living in the moment. Mindfulness is an attitude and a conscious state of being of non-judgmental. Researchers have shown that both of these techniques have positive, lasting effects on the brain. However, each meditation course has different effects on brain function.

One study compared participants who took a 16 week mindfulness course to those who took a relaxation response course. Throughout the course, participants underwent brain scans, to see which areas the meditation affected. Both courses showed an increase in bodily attention and present-moment awareness. However, the relaxation response course was the only one that strengthened the brain connections involved in deliberate control. Conversely, the mindfulness course strengthened neural regions associated with sensory awareness and perception.

Each meditation course has its differences, but both of them are beneficial. They can be compared to exercise. Both weight training and aerobic exercise are great for you, but they target different areas. So, it is important for you to decide which one is best for you.


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