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Sitting Too Much May Be Bad for Your Brain

Do you sit for hours at your desk and feel your brain start processing slower and slower as time goes on? According to a new study of office workers, there may actually be scientific backing that provides evidence for this feeling. Blood flow to our brain is an essential aspect of life and cognition; it allows our brain cells the nutrients and oxygen they need to survive.

Research has shown that uninterrupted sitting decreases blood flow to various parts of the body. A new study examined 15 healthy adult office workers that consistently spent time sitting at a desk for long hours. Researchers tracked the blood flow to their brains before and after sitting, as well as before and after instructing them to get up and walk for two minutes intermittently. As hypothesized, brain blood flow dropped when people sat for four hours continuously, while individuals who broke up their sitting by walking had an increase of blood flow to the brain.

The results of this study provide reasons to avoid sitting for long interrupted periods of time, rather one should take short recurrent breaks of movement. So next time you feel your mind and/or body slowing down from sitting at your desk, maybe take the stairs to the restroom or take a stroll around the office. Your brain will thank you later.


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