Why use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi)? 
  1. ·CBTi is considered the first-line, gold standard treatment for insomnia

  • It works better than sleep meds in leading to durable improvement

  • It has no side effects and no potential for dependency/addiction

  • It’s a more affordable treatment option in the long run 

  1. If you practice these behaviors every day, you should start to see improvement after only 4 weeks 

  2. About 80% of people whom complete CBTi demonstrate significant long-term sleep improvement 

What this program is NOT: 
  • it’s not about “just drink some chamomile tea before bed” 

  • it’s not about fancy bells and whistles 

  • it’s not about sleep meds 

  • it’s not a magic pill 

What this program IS: 
  • it’s hard work 

  • it requires commitment 

  • it’s practical and focused 

  • it WORKS -- in fact, it’s the most effective treatment out there for insomnia! 

  • increase the amount of time you sleep 

  • increase the quality of your sleep 

  • increase control of your sleep patterns 

How will we do this? ​
  • Learn and practice specific strategies for improving sleep 

  • Track how the things we try are working 

  • Brainstorm to overcome hurdles 

A note about sleeping medications: 
  • We are going to show you ways to manage your sleep without the use of sleep meds. 

  • On sleep meds, people often awaken feeling sedated or groggy. 

  • Often, sleep meds stop working over time because your body gets used to them. 

  • If you are currently taking sleep meds, you can still complete this treatment in conjunction with your 

medication regimen. Always consult with your doctor first if you decide to make changes to your medication regimen. 

SESSION 1. Sleep Efficiency: Reclaiming the bed for sleep

Here you will find a document with the first session of the CBT-I:

   - Link to document

The purpose of this session is to learn about Sleep Efficiency and Stimulus Control (Bed = Sleep)



1. Complete the sleep log each morning (this is a link to the sleep log)

2. Review Sleep Hygiene Guidelines. (this is a link to the sleep hygiene guidelines)

Do not worry if some of these guidelines don’t make immediate sense; we will be discussing certain guidelines in more depth in future sessions. 

SESSION 2. Sleep Hygiene and Behaviors

Here you will find a document with the second session of the CBT-I:

   - Link to document

The purpose of this session is to review your sleep hygiene and how your behavior can make sleep easier at night and be awake easier during the day


SESSION 3. Sleep and your thougths

Here you will find a document with the third session of the CBT-I:

   - Link to document

The purpose of this session is to learn how your thoughts can influence your sleep